About me..

I am the fifth out of seven girls, born to Bill and Ellen Blose in August of 1966. My Daddy was a dairy farmer and my mom was and is everything else. I went to Virginia Tech and met my husband, Tony, one spring day in 1986 while singing with my band. We married in 1990, and figured out how to remain in love and to raise two kids on a teacher’s and struggling guitar player’s pay. It wasn’t always easy! In 2006, we left Virginia and moved to the Nashville, TN area for Tony’s music career. Tony had great success, but was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in 2010 and passed away in June of 2011.   I moved back to my hometown of Harrisonburg, VA after Lauren graduated from high school, and I am happily in love with Jack.

In addition to being a Mom to Aaron and Lauren, I am a career public educator with over 30 years of service to children. I am also active in my church and teach yoga.   I discovered my love of writing in 2010 and this blog is an attempt at carving out a new name for myself.


  1. Sarah, hi, you probably don’t remember me but I was one of the dairy kids at the Holstein conventions…so long ago. Just tonight, I was going through some old photos with my son, Hayden (12) and came across one of us from 1983 when the convention was in Virginia. So, it prompted me to try and find you. I’m so very sorry about the loss of your husband, Tony. You have two beautiful children. Anyway, your recent blog post was fun to read. It took me back and it really resonated with me. Thank you for writing it!

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