Celebrating Mother’s Day (without a Father to buy the cards, gift and lunch out)

I read my mother’s blog Mother’s Day 2014 yesterday (Ellenblose.com), and I have to admit I felt some guilt.  She points out that busy moms don’t take the time to focus on whether this day is set aside as special or not.   I understand that, but she also had a great partner who took care of reminding the seven Blose girls about this day.  We would go out to lunch after church, and I’m pretty sure he covered her with appreciative hugs and kisses later on.  

For the past four years, I have celebrated Mother’s Day either with a very sick husband or as a widow.  It’s been up to me to take the crew out to lunch and to drop subtle hints that Mother’s Day was coming (Hey, kids, make sure you sign your Grandmas’ Mother’s Day cards!!).    I’m busy, but I was accustomed to a husband who bought the card and reminded the kids about the day.  I never wanted or expected anything expensive.  My favorite gift ever was a CD of a five year old Aaron singing “Here Comes the Sun” and a three year old Lauren singing “Skidamarink.”  In all honesty, this Mom has always enjoyed being celebrated and recognized on Mother’s Day.  

I knew Aaron would be at the beach with his friends this week and Lauren told me that she had to work from 1-9:00 at her new job.  I was giving myself more than a little pity-party, lamenting some to my guy friend, Jack.   He told me yesterday that he was sure they wouldn’t forget, and I felt the very first pangs of jealousy when he went to buy his ex-wife Mother’s Day gifts. Grrrr.    

It dawned on me late last night how many Moms out there celebrate this day alone.  Either divorced, single, widowed, there are many of us who don’t have that man to make sure the kids are reminded about this day.  If you know of a Mom who is single, widowed, divorced, make sure you send her a message today.  

Lauren hinted at making strawberry crepes for this morning, but I’m up and she’s not. Ha ha.   Imagine my surprise when I got an email this morning from Anthropologie for a pretty nice-sized gift card amount.  It said it was from Jack but the message read 🙂 “Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! Thanks for everything you do 🙂  Love, Aaron and Lauren.”   

Wow. Thanks, Aaron and Lauren!  ( aka Jack.  🙂    

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